GJSUK Stall Installation

Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK , Annual 16th Get-together Event 2024 Stall installation request form . Date: 4th August 2024. Event Location: Tudor Park Sports & Leisure Center in Feltham, Browells Lane, TW13 7E.

Please Choose the appropriate options for installation for your business during Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK, 16th Annual Get-together Event on 4th August 2024.
1.Retailers (Single Size)
Allocated stall for single size 2.Retailers (Double Size)
Allocated stall for double size 3. Retailers (Trippel Size)
Allocated stall for triple size
Please mention any requirements for your stall for the event,
Terms and Conditions
1. There will be NO alcohol sold by stall installers.
2. Unauthorised sale of products i.e CDs, DVDs, Books and leaflets are not allowed.
3. Collection of donations is strictly prohibited.
4. Gas line /Gas stove or electric stove is only allowed to Restaurant. Grass protection mats are to be provided before use.
5. This booking form does not guarantee allocation of stalls on the event.
6. Stall booking fee is non refundable.
7. You must have at least £2 million in public liabilities and employee liabilities insurance.
Stall is provided on first come first serve basis.
Please Transfer the selected amount to the following account :
Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK
Account No:21511777
Sort Code: 40-35-45
Reference: your business name
if your require more info please contact Treasurer Mr.Tej Prasad Rana , Mobile : +44 7584 046146 for more information.
Thank you .