Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK is a  group for all UK residents who consider Gulmi to be their birth and ancestral place. Members of the Samaj range from businessmen, students, Gurkha Veterans to many other professions. Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK was established on the 4th of August 2007 in United Kingdom. GulmiJilla Samaj UK have Around 700 members of which almost 200 families are lifelong members. Due to the busy life of living in the UK, Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK has not yet been able to expand to reach every Gulmeli family living in the UK, however, participation in our Gulmi Samaj events and more than welcome and encouraged.


The number of nepali UK residents that consider themselves to be from Gulmi really is something to be proud of. Gulmelis are not only situated in London but also reside in many other towns and cities throughout the country. One of the main ideas behind Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK is to increase the naturally existing camaraderie between Gulmelis so we are there for each other in strong numbers in times of need and necessity.

Once a year, the Samaj organizes events where all UK based Gulmelis get together and experience the culture and tradition of Gulmi as well as getting to meet each other and getting to know each other. The main aim of Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK is to encourage our UK residence Gulmeli to participate more in aide events and programmes from which we can help towards medical, educational and social efforts of Gulmi. With this ethos, Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK has been helping Gulmi in various ways from the start.

Gatibidhi – (Activities),

Within a short time of being established, Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK has been undertaking many social and community projects. Due to its hilly nature, not every part of Gulmi has sufficient access via modes of transport. One other major problem is lack of medical facilities in the villages of Gulmi. Bearing this in mind, it was decided in the Samaj’s second general meeting that an ambulance service is to be established in Gulmi. With financial help from the donations by all the members of Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK, an ambulance was placed in Hasara of Jwang gaun bikaash samiti. The success of this project led to another ambulance being placed in Gulmi but this time in the western Gulmi region of Dhurkot. The second ambulance project also show success with help yet again from donors of the Samaj where an ambulance was given to the Nepal Red-cross Society in Dhurkot branch in early 2011. Both ambulances are providing help to their upmost transporting the sick and ill of Gulmi to medical facilities.

Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK has also been providing help to the education sector of Gulmi. It has been doing its best to help maintain and support schools in respective areas of Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK members if desire is shown. Help and support of the Samaj and its members have reached primary, middle and highschools as well as campuses in places such as Shantipur, Hasara, Aslewa, Hastichowr, Ammarpur and Jaisithok. Recently, over four hundred thousand rupees was raised in order to create positions of ‘masters’ in Resunga Multiple Campus in Tamghas the capital of Gulmi district.

In recent years, the Samaj has also started a scheme where the top male and female SLC students of the government schools within the district would receive a prize sum of ten thousand rupees.

Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK has been providing great help towards the disabled of Gulmi by conducting humanitarian projects through private organisations such as Aasha Disability Centre. The Samaj has been helping and supporting the disability centre since the Samaj’s establishment In 2011, a charity event was organised in London in celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities where a sum of seventeen lakh rupees was raised for Aasha Disability Centre. With help of this great donation by Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK, an ambulance has now been bought for the disability centre and slowly but steadily accommodation and medicinal facilities are also being developed for the centre. Gulmi Jilla samaj has recently provided financial support for five disables persons who are all members of one family. Keeping to their aim of holding one charity event a year, Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK last year raised a significant amount of money and presented it to Aasha Disability Centre Again.

Beside the social support the Samaj has given and shown, members of the Samaj have also been establishing mandirs, drinking water facilities, roads for transport and medical centres in their respective villages. Gulmi Samaj UK has also been giving its best moral and financial support to those members living in the UK for their medical needs and have shown support in times of grievance by helping towards funeral costs for those who have sadly passed away.

Collaborating with other Samajes, Gullmi Jills Samaj UK has been playing big parts in social events and functions across the UK.

Whatever the Gulmi Jilla Samaj has managed to do and achieve could not have been done without the help and support of all of its members. The Samaj has not sought help from public or private bodies of the UK. It has shown that if we put our minds to it, every little help can make a huge difference to the wellbeing and development of Gulmi and Nepal.

In order to preserve our culture, Gullmi JIlla Samaj UK has brought the first set of naumati bajas to the UK. Introduced to the UK in 2009, the naumati bajas have not only been popular amongst the Nepalese in the UK, but also with other communities. The Naumati Baja and its demonstrations have become quite the attractions in events organised by the Embassy of Nepal such as the Nepali Mela and also in events organised by other groups and organisations. Because it is hard to find artists who are learned in the art of the naumati baja, it was a very hard concept to get established in the UK. However, with the first naumati baja committee, it was made possible. Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK provides the naumati baja team at a very reasonable cost for all those who wish to follow the traditional wedding idea of having the naumati baja at their wedding. 

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